Recently, I was facing trouble with my computer constantly freezing even with very few applications running. My first thought was that it was some kind of virus/malware causing it but then I rejected this thought as I was running the most trusted free Antivirus Avast (as of now).

I then made a list of few things and gave them a shot!

  • Looking for trouble making software under Task Manager
  • Stopping unnecessary Windows services
  • Checking for unnecessary start-up programs
  • Clearing up disk cache

To start with Start-up Programs, I opened up my Task Manager by pressing Win + s keys and typing in Task Manager followed by an Enter key.

Under Processes tab I looked for those programs which were taking most resources like CPU, Memory and Disk. I could not find any unnecessary program apart from Google Chrome and Skype. But I could not close these programs because I cannot live without them. Apart from them, I found a grouped process with name Service Host taking many resources. I Googled it and found one service named Superfetch causing the slow performance issues (whereas, it was made to improve the performance).

I stopped this service by going to Services (Win + s and typing Services)

Upon a little more search, I found another service to be causing the slow performance of my computer which was BITS (Background Intelligent Transfer Service). I stopped this service too.

I then moved to next step of checking for start-up programs. Under Startup tab of Task Manager, I looked for all unnecessary programs and disabled them by right clicking on each program and choosing Disable option.

In the last step, I cleared my Disk Cache by going to Win + s and typing Disk Cleanup followed by an Enter button and clicking OK on a little popup appearing. After loading the Disk Cleanup popup, I pressed the Cleanup system files button and loaded Disk Cleanup with some extra cleanup options. I checked all options and pressed OK.

After successful completion. I restarted my Computer and Voila! It’s fast again!

By following above steps I tackled these issues:

  • Computer constantly freezing
  • Disk usage at 100%
  • High CPU usage
  • High Memory usage

It’s all gone now! I hope I don’t get it back. Give these steps a try and do share your feedback in the comments below.